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One of Canada's leading seller of cooking oils

About Canaddin Pride Foods Inc.

Canaddin Pride Foods Inc. is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our company is one of the major packager of edible oils and is a recognized Canadian brand globally under the name Canadian-Pride. We manufacture canola, vegetable, sunflower, blends like olive-canola and vegetable-pomace to know more please see our product list.
Canaddin Pride Foods Inc's goal is to serve its customers one hundred percent pure and fresh cooking oils which are flawlessly packaged making sure to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our motto has been to do business with integrity and keeping an accurate and honest record. Canaddin Pride Foods Inc. strives to provide consumer with a quick and amiable service with a complete range of assistance in which we explore our client's needs and concerns. We give enough time to our clients and take into consedration the trouble they have and make sure we work together as team and create a partnership which is fruitful.

Canaddin Pride foods has a global impact across the globe and currently is available in the markets of UAE, Japan, China, Kuwait, Iraq, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and India. We encourage importers across the globe to get in touch with us and establish a great partnership.

Cooking Oil is a quality product which requires great amount of effort, every single drop used at our facility has the trademark of purity and continuous rigorous efforts are put by our staff in order to produce a truly elegant Canadian product.

Canaddin Pride Labelling
Private Labelling

We offer our customers an already established brand name, that is being widley consumed in the global market. In order to further inquire about Canaddin Pride labelling one can go visit the Contact Us section and send us an email directely.

Canaddin Pride Foods belives in customer stastifaction and hence also provides private labelling for our clients. We expect our customers to design and print their own labels, incase you are not able to do so, we can surely help you with label designing and printing as well.

Our Standards

In our manufacturing plant we package edible oils under a strict hygenic atmosphere and also follow procedures under the standardized canadian gudilines ensuring there is no comporise with our products and our consumers get a truly quintessential product delivered to them, for customer satisfaction we also possess multiple certifications including Kosher.

Canaddin Pride Foods Inc's dedication to quality is a worldwide commitment solidly backed by:

Directly from our facility to your home.